Blooms for Rooms: Best flowers for the bathroom

The bathroom is often overlooked as a space for flower decoration and bathroom plants – but it’s one of our favourite places in the home to display blooms.

Popping a small vase of flowers onto your vanity is an easy – yet high-impact – way to add a layer of colour and a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

A tiny vase of blooms can also bring delight to the most mundane, everyday moments – like when you’re getting ready for the day ahead.

If you’re having guests over, featuring some flowers in the bathroom is a gorgeous way to delight them, too: It shows attention to detail that will make them feel extra welcome.

Here’s our guide to perfecting your bathroom florals.

How to style bathroom blooms

Bathrooms can be on the smaller side compared to other rooms in the home – with less open space to place large vases – so you’ll need to get creative with how you display your blooms.

If you’re especially short on space, opt for tiny bud vases and add single blossoms or sprigs of greenery. You can put one of these next to the hand basin or line a few up on the windowsill to make a feature.

If you’re lucky enough to have extra room, try placing a larger vase onto a chic stool in the corner of the bathroom and make a floral statement.

The best flowers for the bathroom

Once you’re ready to get your bloom on in the bathroom, you need to be mindful of what flowers to choose – not all can handle the humidity that comes with this space.

Here are some to try:

  • Carnations, orchids or Australian natives (like eucalyptus and banksias) are bathroom-happy botanicals that will last for ages.
  • Keep your arrangements compact, so there’s less chance of the flowers getting knocked over.
  • Keep your blooms away from direct sunlight or places that will radiate heat, such as the bath – particularly if you’re using delicate flowers.
  • Keep heated light use to a minimum for longer-lasting flowers.
  • Change the water regularly.

Flower decoration: Gum leaves in the shower

Keen to take your botanical bathroom experience to the next level?

  • Pick up some eucalyptus from the shops – or your backyard if you can.
  • Loop some string or twine around a few stems.
  • Hang it up in a bunch in the shower.
  • Crush the leaves a little while you’re having a shower for a steamy eucalyptus experience every day.

We love this rustic style of flower decoration, and it smells great, too.



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Blooms for Rooms: Best flowers for the bathroom