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Property Management Services


Award Winning Service:

Being awarded the No.1 RE/MAX Property Management Office in Western Australia is a testament to the philosophy of RE/MAX Extreme to provide professional and dedicated service to our clients at all times. The requirements of our investment owners remain paramount in our endeavours of our property management staff to achieve the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

Why Do You Need A Property Manager?

When dealing with a rental property an owner or agent needs to be fully aware of the constantly changing legislation within the industry. Property Management in itself is regulated by six different state and federal legislations:

§         The Residential Tenancy Act

§         Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act

§         Privacy Act

§         Property law Act

§         Trade Practices Act

§         Racial Discrimination Act

Our rental department is constantly aware of any changes within these Acts and implements change quickly and efficiently so as not to leave your property outside the legal guidelines. A Property Manager offers you a mediator when it comes to dealing with tenants; they deal with the everyday requests of a tenant so as to put a buffer between you and your investment.

The real estate market is constantly on the move; a property manager that deals with the market effect everyday has a strong hold on its current condition, and therefore is in the best possible position to offer sound advice when it comes to obtaining the maximum return for your property whilst obtaining a low vacancy rate.

Marketing your Investment

When trying to find a suitable tenant, our office is dedicated to get your property out there. Exposure is a sure way to get a property rented as soon as possible. Included in our management we offer the following services.

Tenant Database

We hold one of the most comprehensive tenant databases in the industry, which allows us to immediately communicate to any active tenants in the area to let them know of your property. 


Rental List
Readily available to all prospective tenants that come into the office; it offers a detailed property description, rental amount, availability date, and recent photo of all current listings.

In the age of computer technology this is probably the most effective marketing tool we have, with the number of Internet inquires growing monthly. Our available properties for rent are listed not only on our own website but also on;










For Rent Sign
For those owners that are agreeable a “For Rent” sign can be placed on your investment property for added exposure.

Tenant Selection
The RIGHT tenant is a sure way to minimise any future risks you might face with your investment. Therefore selecting a suitable tenant is one of the most crucial aspects of looking after any investment property. Our property managers have access to the latest technology to help you protect your investment. Once a tenant fills in an application form thorough checks are performed on all potential tenants, taking into consideration their employment history, ability to pay the rent, and both their personal and rental references. Our Property Managers also have access to defaulting tenant databases such as TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia) and Barclays. All applications are put to the owner to gain final approval.



Management of the Property

Entry and Exit Condition Reports
Our property managers conduct an entry and exit condition report before and after each tenancy. A thorough report is carried out to help maintain and protect the standard of your investment property. Upon completion a copy of the report is sent to our owner for their records. We understand the importance of such reports not only to establish the standard of the property at the initial stage of the tenancy, but also as the most important risk management tool when it comes to the end of the tenancy and a comparative inspection is carried out.

Routine Inspections
Inspections are vital in maintaining the long-term viability of your investment. Our office conducts regular routine inspections on all our rental properties, once every three months. These inspections are used to both identify,

1) the way in which the tenant is keeping the property, and to ensure no damage is being done; and
2) to identify any immediate maintenance concerns and report any potential repairs that may be needed to the property.

After every inspection a detailed report is forwarded to our owners to keep you informed as to the condition of your property. Upon request we can also take photos of your property for you.

Keeping an investment property means that ongoing repairs and maintenance must be considered. Regular maintenance ensures your property is kept in prime condition and remains a viable investment. It is the owner's responsibility to maintain a property in good repair, and if left unattended maintenance issues can lead to dissatisfied tenants, a lower rental return and lower capital growth. Our property management department has the right systems in place to quickly and effectively deal with everything from minor repairs to major emergencies. We understand that some owners have their own trades people of whom they are reliant, and for those that don't we have an extensive list of trusted local trades people to cover for any maintenance issues.

Rental Arrears
Rental Arrears if left unattended can often get out of hand. Our staffs are aware of this and take all necessary measures to help minimise the risk. Rental reports are done daily to ensure rental payments are made on time. In the event that the tenants' obligations are not being meet then the relevant notices are issued promptly and in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1995.

Rent Disbursement and Statements
Most importantly is the payment to you of the Rental Monies held within our Trust Account. Disbursements are made at the end of the month. These funds can be transferred directly into your nominated bank account, and should be in your account on or before the first working day of the following month. A detailed statement is also issued at the end of each month, with a breakdown of all rent received, maintenance and commission paid. These comprehensive statements as well as a detailed break down at the end of the financial year should make accounting time easy.

Rent Reviews
Our property managers understand that your investment property is exactly that.... “an investment”. Therefore regular reviews of the rental income generated by the property, and how it compares with other properties in the market is essential. With their strong local and market knowledge our team is capable of advising you of a realistic market opinion within the current conditions, not only at the beginning but also throughout your tenancies.

Landlord Insurance
Our office highly recommends to all landlords that they consider a Landlord Insurance Policy. This insurance covers the owner for a variety of situations in which they can be left out of pocket. Most financial institutions have this type of insurance available. There are however some specialists in this field, and for more information on their services you can go to www.ebminsurance.com.au



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